Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm excited about by my homework this week in one of my classes. I have to talk about the colour in the movie Pleasantville. Should be pretty easy. There were a few movies that we got to choose from and I've always liked Pleasantville. All the fluffy dresses and white picket fenses. It's funny how different people have different takes on things. I chose this movie because colour is practically it's own character, so it will be really easy to write about it. But another girl got "stuck" with it because that's all that was left after everyone else had chosen, and she was kind of upset. "How can I talk about colour in a black and white movie?"

Monday, April 27, 2009


April has been a great month. Unbelievably, we started off with snow, but almost every day since has been gorgeous. I finally got to wear my $3 mini skirt this weekend. I love the colours in it. They are so retro.


Thursday, April 16, 2009


The only time I have ever watched an "idol" season was a few summers ago when I was living with my aunt. She was absolutely obsessed with all forms of idol and so we sat down every week and watched it together while drinking tea. My choice performer was Carly Rae Jepson. Her music was my favourite, but she was also cute, funny, and had amazing style. I remember having a crush on the outfits that she wore each week.

She didn't win, but she came in third place. And now she's coming out with her own album, so she's been on the radio constantly. Love it!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Day, Another Concert

I don't normally go to that many concerts; this week happened to be the exception. The Ting Tings were great. I love the red boots that Katie wore. Her style looks so effortless and comfortable, but still unique and awesome.

I had to repeat the butterfly shirt because it's not mine, so I need to get as much use out of it as I can get. It's amazing how wearing something flashy makes it so much easier for random people to start conversations with you.
Wearing: Shirt - Thrifted (Nessa's); Skirt - Smart Set; Belt - Thrifted; Shoes - Ricki's


Thursday, April 9, 2009


Last night was the Britney concert... I don't know how to even begin to describe it. It was so many many things. Good, bad, crazy, boring, upsetting, entertaining, and on and on.

Am I upset? A little bit. I feel really bad for the people who paid crazy amounts of money to be there last night. It was disrespectful. Britney performed 3 songs and then there was a little video montage and some cirque dancers and then nothing. Five minutes later some set pieces moved, but then still nothing. After 10 minutes a voice came over the PA system explaining that there was too much smoke and the show would not begin again until all the smoke had cleared. After 30 minutes, the show finally restarted and continued as normal.

I do not for one second believe that smoke was the reason the show stopped. I am offended that that was the excuse that was used. Just because we live in Vancouver doesn't mean we are all potheads. It wasn't a pothead crowd either. Why didn't the ushers tell people to stop? Why didn't they tell us to stop right at the beginning of the blackout? The whole thing was ridiculous!

It was incredible how the crowd was not mixed at all. It's was entirely 18-25 year olds dressed in outlandish and slutty outfits.
Tina and I, very happy to be there at this point.
It was a good opening. I liked the Perez part. It was fun. But I feel like whole circus theme is just too much like Christina Aguilera's last album and tour. And it doesn't measure up either. Britney scored a point for actually doing it in a ring and getting Cirque performers, but she lost five for not caring about the show at all.
She's a ring leader, but I doubt she calls many shots.
This is Tina's "What the hell is going on?" face.
I think Britney might have actually sang "Everytime". I enjoyed the floating umbrella.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Didn't end up going on that hike today :( Went for a nice walk around the park instead with my friends and my dogs. We snuck over to the other lake. I haven't been there in years. And when I say snuck, I really mean snuck my dogs in. For some reason dogs aren't allowed on the trails.

Blazer - Value Village; Skirt - Smartset; Shirt - H&M; Tights - Icing; Shoes - Payless; Bow - Smartset; Extentions - Ardene's

The bow that started it all! My very first hair bow. I think I bought it because there was a deal if you spend a certain amount of money. I decided to put some really cheap ($2) pink hair extensions in because I like to pretend I'm a tween sometimes, lol. Really, I just think they are fun.

Off to Britney. Can't wait!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


One of my good friends, Greg, has decided to join the army. As much as I hate the idea of it, I'm really happy for him. I think he is totally suited to for that kind of lifestyle and it really is the perfect career for him. We had a really nice going away party for him this weekend. A nice dinner party for pre-drinking and then went to a local pub afterwards. It was fun.

Is anyone a Twilight fan? My friend Amy is close to obsessed - which is what I love about her, lol. I'm not a fan, but she's getting me excited about reading the books. We went for a hike on Friday around one of the local lakes and guess what we found - the filming of New Moon! The one time I forget to bring my camera! We're going back for another hike on Wednesday in the same spot, so maybe we'll run into them again... And when I say "them", I don't mean any of the actors, more like lowly PAs, who block all the tweenagers from the set. I just thought it was funny that we randomly found where they are shooting when there are people actively looking for it. There's a lot of New Moon mania in town right now.