Monday, May 11, 2009


Reasons why this picture is interesting (to me)...
1) It was taken on the same street that I grew up on.
2) My dad's office is on the other side of the parking lot.
3) My cousin used to be the manager of one of the buildings in the shot.
4) I go to the same restaurant frequently.
5) I have some good friends who work there.

Just thought it was funny that Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner were papped in my neighborhood. I didn't think they were very famous, but they must be a lot bigger than I thought if the paparazzi follows them all the way out to the suburbs.

You can see what once was (possibly still is) the largest Canadian flag flying in the background.


Feather Fleurette ( Loren) said...

that is very intriguing!
and even here in Australia, Selens gomez is like new tween idol.
how amusing.
i wish famous people resided on the street i grew up on...

Life In Technicolor. said...

oh THTAS the neighbourhood they were eating at! not sure im a fan of selena, but still. any slice of hollywood is glamourous! :D
andrea oxoxx
Life In Technicolor

Mary said...

That's so random! I always find it so funny to imagine being in the same place as celebrities... so weird... they're huamn too I guess? hehe.

You're the yellow bird I've been waiting for. said...

ah celebs, I dont understand why we look up to them, and they look down on us. we are after all what make them stand so high. I dont get it. but there are a lot of other things i want to figure out that are much more important haha.

anyways check out my artwork and photos at my blog:)

Ariella said...

Haha, that is funny! And random :)


It is fun!

She's Dressing Up said...

I love that you have so many connections with the picture! =]

Frock Around the Clock said...

Thats fun! Theres no chance of anyone being papped in my neighborhood - it's just full of old non famous people. :) x

Adela said...

you're right-that picture is interesting!