Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All Things Green

I thought I would share some info on the new GG spin-off because a few people had questions about it. It's going to be about Lily's life in LA with her her older sister. Brittany Snow and Krysten Ritter star as the sisters - love them both... No Rufus yet. The pilot will air during the penultimate episode of this season of Gossip Girl (May 11) and then it will have it's own time slot in the fall. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the excellent 80s wear.

My friends recently found a crimper and they have been trying to get as much use out of it as possible. Getting ready was a bit of a gong show. The picture is of Laini crimping my hair, while I am curling Nessa's, as she drinks. The train actually went a bit longer since Kiri (who took the picture) was doing everyone's make-up at the same time.

Wearing: Shirts - Nessa's 50 cent Butterfly shirt, and Joe; Skirt -Old Navy (bought specifically for 2008 St. Patrick's Day); Hat - Ardene's. I didn't start out with the Butterfly shirt on and I don't really like it with the outfit, but I was kind of forced into wearing it and how can I say no to sequins?

There were a lot of similarities between this year and last year. First of all both parties were at the homes of Beth and Nessa. Lot's of hand-made wall decorations, random crazy dancing, drinking games, and jello shots. But there were a lot of differences too. This year, everyone wore green. No hassle. Everyone was already excited about it. Last year, most of the party-goers had no idea about the holiday thus they wore a lot less green. Biggest difference would be that last year we were in Sweden, and this year Canada.
These are a few of my favourite green things that people were wearing. Beth's amazing feather head piece; Nessa's technicolour dream coat and her mint stockings; Janessa's scraf from a 7-up bottle since she had no other green.
My friend kiri bought this ring in Hawaii a few days ago. She got back from Hawaii yesterday and then drove up with me to Beth and Nessa's place (4 hours away). She's a travelling machine! Actually, that was her second trip there this year. We all went in the beginning of January. I may have to go back pretty quick to get one of these rings.
When I first arrived, I went up to Nessa's room to unload my luggage and noticed this scarf on her bed. Of course, as soon as I saw her, I had to compliment her on it. And then she revealed to me that it was actually mine. I was pretty excited about it. What a perfect day to receive it on too.

- Ellie
Coming up... Hair Bow Demo


Ziling said...

I heart sequins!!!


Oh wow I love that sequin top!! x

classic daisy said...

im really excited for this spin-off
thanks for that information ! i had
no idea ;)

Laroux said...

Loving the St.Patricks day trilby pimping!

I'm really looking forward to the GG spin off, as a rule I'm not a spin off fan, but where fashion porn is concerned ...


Niviarsiaq said...

Oooh! So excited about the spinoff! The new scarf looks nice. I can't wait to see how you wear it!
loving the 7up scarf too....