Thursday, March 26, 2009

Black and Blue

Dan Levy - I have to say, I think he wins the "Most Stylish Male" award. I love him. Despite my overuse of the word "love", I love him. Especially his glasses. Would he be Dan without his glasses? Probably, but it would take some getting used to. The glasses are really where the attraction lies. He has made me a fan of "The City"/"The Hills". Without him would I watch those shows? Nope, never. My friends often make fun of me because I tend to go for the nerdy, nice guy. I never got the attraction to the bad guy. Give me some spectacles and computer skills.

I have to admit, it's taken me awhile to come around to MTV Canada. At first I did not get "The Aftershow". My roommate used to be obsessed with "The Hills" and it just boggled my mind that a show exsisted to specifically talk about what happened in the previous episode.

I wish I still worked for MTV Canada. It is awesome now. It doesn't take itself too seriously and sometimes they even talk about music (gasp!). It kind of makes me sad when I think about it. No, I don't mean sad - I mean envious! My days at MTV were fun and I loved it, but the show/channel sucked monkey balls. It was just plain bad. Nobody watched it. Nobody had even heard of it. I would have much rather worked for this new re-incarnation. But alas, nothing about it is the same. It's not filmed locally anymore which is probably the reason for it's success... And the fact that it's on basic cable now.

And today's outfit looks like this: Shirt - DIY; Cardigan - Smart Set (guessing); Skirt - Vintage. Shoes - Payless (they have giant belt buckles on them that didn't show up). I'm thinking of adding some sequins to my skirt where the pokadots are. They are slowly but surely fading away. I bought some silver individual sequins awhile ago and haven't been sure what to do with them... until now.

I know this looks absolutely disgusting, but it tastes amazing. I am not a chef. I am not a very good cool at all, but I am going to compliment myself on my salsa. It's darn good. Laini's recipe, but I made it spicier. My first batch wasn't nearly as good as hers (still good, just not AS good), but hopefully this time I'll be able to compete (okay, not really a competition). The judging will be held during tonight's office party*. No actual judging will take place, since no one coming over tonight has tried Laini's salsa. Okay, maybe I'm a little bit too proud of my salsa. I have my reasons. I'm not really much of a salsa person, but I absolutely love tomatoes. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be tomatoes, hand down.
*Office Party - Not an actual party. But every week that the Office is on, a bunch of friends come over and we all watch it together. It's been a ritual for the past two years. I love it. The people who come over consistantly change and sometimes there is just two of us and other weeks there are 15. The same thing happens with Gossip Girl every Sunday. I don't really like watching TV by myself.

I'm so excited about Sunday. The JUNOS!!! (Canadian version of the Grammys). Two of my friends bought tickets and then one of them backed out, so now I get to go instead. I've been scowering through my closet trying to find something appropriate. But nothing. I am going to have to give in and go shopping. Not exactly torture, but I've been trying to spend less.


Lauren said...

He is so cute! I'd never even heard of him. haha. And MTV ust have been such a cool job.

x x x

Shin said...

Wow, yes, I love nerdy boys! They're so much nicer and sweeter than so called bad boys. Plus they'll help you anytime with your computer problems and have the answers to everything! xxoxoxoxo

She's Dressing Up said...

Homemade salsa sounds delcious (although I agree, it isn't a looker!!).
I love his glasses, some men look so good in spectacles!

Olivia said...

that actually looks disgusting but amazingly tasty lol
the guy looks rather cool indeed.
especially the glasses.

Winnie said...

Haha but really, does Salsa ever photograph well?

Adela said...

wow he sure has a great sense of style! =)

Anonymous said...

AWWW he's adorable. I'm with you, nerdy boys are the best! Also, the salsa looks far from disgusting, I'm totally craving some now!

Ariella said...

I don't really know him, but he does look cute!

Jenny H. said...

you have a great blog.

Fashionology said...

I love the black glasses! <3

ana b. said...

Wow! I've never heard about this guy. Unfortunately I've been hit by the bad-guy fever at least once. And it was NOT worth it. You're lucky to be immune.