Friday, March 6, 2009


I ended up going out for Sushi with a few friends tonight. Because one friend lives all the way out in Langley, we decided to make the trek out to Surrey so that it would be more of an equal drive. The one fun thing about going across the river is that you get to pull out all of your rusty Surrey jokes (equivalent to most trailer trash jokes).

We had an interesting time at the random Sushi place. I wish I knew the name of the restaurant so I could tell the world never to go there. My meal was fine, but my friend Ashley's was pretty much the opposite. She ordered the salmon sashimi, but I guess it smelled really bad and there was something off about it, so she sent it back. Instead of taking it away, the waitress went to check with the cook as to see if it actually was off or not. Of course, she insisted it was fine. Trusting her own nose, she decided to order something else. And everything was fine... until the bill came. They charged her for the sashimi. I wasn't entirely suprised by this, because of the way the waitress had been acting. Naturally, Ash refused to pay. She didn't eat any of it, let alone touch it. I kind of understand their point of view, but generally the rule is the customer is always right. After trying nicely to get the sashimi off her bill, the cook/owner started to get involved. He started yelling at Ash that she had to pay for everything. And then he started questioning her experience eating in sushi restaurants. It shouldn't matter how many times she has had sushi (which is quite a lot, considering she used to live in Japan). The night ended with a full on screaming match and Ashley being kicked out.

I wish I had a picture of Ashley's outfit. She wore a specatuclar kumono looking blazer that she got from VV. I used tonight as the perfect oppertunity to wear my new dress.

I got this headband from my grandmother last Christmas. Despite not having a bow, it's probably my favourite headband.

- Ellie